Program requires libraries Cairo, Lua and Xlib including .h files.

Download sources with data from here:

Then type

$ tar xvzf ff-clone-<version>.tgz
$ cd ff-clone-<version>
$ make
$ ./ff-clone -d ./data    # for testing
$ su
# make install

Version 1.2.0: ff-clone-1.2.tgz Changelog for 1.2.1:

Fixed compatibility with new C compilers
Version 1.1: ff-clone-1.1.tgz Changelog for 1.2:

Fixed compatibility with new versions of Cairo and Lua

Version 1.0: ff-clone-1.0.tgz Changelog for version 1.1:

Images for objects
Player's best solution displayed in menu
Using window title
Improved keyboard support (for example numeric keys)
Info window with help or best solution attention
5 new levels: door2, laden, trapdoor, stairs, stopper (so now there are 31 levels)
Slight changes in levels tutor, highway, pickable
Level 'harp' renamed to 'organ'
Czech documentation of source code
Turning off the debugging print skip
Script can assign image to a shape of object
Bug fixes